everywhere, safe, reliable and affordable

In the context of our industrial heritage, we take it as our courtesy to contribute to the conversion towards the hydrogen society.

Experience from decades of engineering is enabeling our mission.


Our industrial tradition started in 1864, when products for everyday use were made from wire and forgings. In 1909, the first cold rolling mills were installed and a short time later, preliminary products for automobile production were already supplied.


BROCKHAUS Environment was founded as an engineering division specialized on complex solutions for the petrochemical industry. 
Providing hightech solutions to function at maximum safety under most difficult conditions. In the last 24 years, we have become a leading solution provider with a track record of safe operations.


BROCKHAUS has started to operate CO2 neutral in 2019 by using Verified Carbon Unit offsets. 
Management decision to enter the emerging hydrogen market as part of the Group's CO2 strategy.


Defined scope as decentralized alkaline electrolyzers for industrial users like us. 
Our Mission: Green hydrogen: everywhere, safe, reliable and affordable. For You.


Committed resources to a 1 MW demonstrator electrolyzer at our group's cold-rolling mill. The hydrogen shall be produced from solar energy from our own solar power plant. The green hydrogen produced will replace grey hydrogen that is currently purchased for the annealing process of steel coils. This investment will reduce our CO2 footprint significantly.


Signing of partnering agreement with WEW for the sourcing of high-quality, high-efficiency and cost-competitive stacks. 
Onboarding of various other strategic suppliers for the BlueCube Electrolyzer series.
Tailoring critical system components for maximum efficiency.


Design of the BlueCube electrolyzer system and start of manufacturing. 
Applying for approvals for the demonstrator plant according to the latest EU and national directives.
Announcing strategic supply cooperations with the renowned Sauer Compressors and MUNK GmbH (rectifiers) at Hannover trade fair in April.