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Extensive expertise on hydrogen

From serving the chemical and the oil & gas industry with our gas and water treatment equipment, we know very well how to operate with hazardous substances in high-risk environments. This engineering and HSE (health, safety, environment) prowess differentiates us in the emerging hydrogen marketplace.

24/7 Service Team

Our 24/7 team of service engineers with its dedicated fleet of workshop vehicles is serving our gas treatment plants and is also specifically available for hydrogen equipment.

Certified Workshop Team Expertise

In our workshop we have certified welding specialists that work with our team of mechanics, electricians and engineers. We count on our engineers from the fields of chemistry, process and mechanical engineering.

Caspar Brockhaus

The CEO of BROCKHAUS Group has been a transformative force within the organization for over a decade. Under his leadership, the industrial group has experienced significant growth and profitability. His strategic vision and expertise in transformation have led the company to successfully enter new business lines, while exiting others. It was his foresight that identifies the potential of hydrogen as a key component of the group's future, positioning the start-up for success in the burgeoning field.

Utilizing Group Resources

Beyond this team we can draw from the vast resources of the BROCKHAUS Group. Any function that is not directly related to the sale, manufacture or after-sales service of our electrolyzers is sourced from the Group's offices. 

Rüdiger Weber

The Managing Director of the hydrogen start-up has been instrumental in helping the BROCKHAUS Group start and grow its environmental technology business unit. Possessing vast process technology know-how and experience, he has made remarkable contributions to the field of mobile gas treatment technology through his inventive prowess. As a leader, he is committed to driving innovation and scaling the hydrogen business to new heights.