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Cutting-edge electrolyser technology

Advanced electrolyser technology

Using advanced electrolysis technology, BlueCube efficiently and reliably splits water into hydrogen and oxygen, producing high-purity hydrogen gas that can be used for a variety of applications. Whether you need hydrogen for fuel cells, industrial processes, or energy storage, BlueCube has got you covered.

More than just a hydrogen generator

BlueCube is a symbol of innovation and sustainability. By using renewable energy sources like wind and solar to power the electrolysis process, BlueCube is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional hydrogen production methods. Plus, with its user-friendly interface and remote monitoring capabilities, BlueCube puts you in control of your energy future.

Safety First

BlueCube is made from highest-quality materials and is tested to ensure maximum safety and durability. Plus: safety is inherent by design as operation is at atmospheric level.

Reliability and Efficiency

BlueCube's advanced and innovative AWE technology is the most reliable and efficient water electrolysis available.

Affordable Hydrogen and Modularity

Our goal is to enable the most affordable hydrogen for you.

Therefore we have tailored BlueCube to perform at optimum cost efficiency.

Most important: no stack replacment over life cycle as in PEM systems.

With the compact and modular design from 1MW to 100MW, BlueCube can be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure, saving you time and money.

Recycling and Circularity

Unparalleled technology to grant a minimum environmental footprint.

BlueCube comes without any expensive and environmentally harmful fluorinated chemicals and catalysts.

Recycling is implemented by design as we carefully selected technology and components with the environment in mind.

BROCKHAUS - rooting in steel business since 150 years - is also a specialist in metal recycling and will take full responsibility in ensuring that the electrolyzer will be fully recycled.